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There are many definitions for office furniture, but the common feature of all definitions is that the office furniture includes all decorative products and office components that are used in the office spaces.

Types of office furniture can be divided into office desks and chairs, sofas, bookcase, filing cabinet, counter and partition. Office chairs are divided into executive, administrative, managerial, operative, conference, counter, laboratory and waiting room chairs, in terms of functionality, quality, ergonomics principles, price and adjustment tools. The main characteristic of executive, administrative, managerial and operative chairs is the wheeled bases that distinguish them from other office chairs.
Office furniture is usually different from other types of furniture, in terms of form, as it has a formal figure. Although in many companies such as Apple, which tries to create a cheerful, exhilarating and comfortable environment for their staff, it is common to use a variety of chairs and sofas such as bean bags and puffs, but we still recognize office sofas as leather sofas, in dark and neutral colors such as gray and brown, in rectangular cube shapes with clear lines that are reminiscent of modern style.
Office desks have different models too; the executive, administrative, managerial, workstation, conference and meeting and coffee tables, each has their own function.
All types of cupboards, files, boxes and other storage spaces are essential supplies of office furniture for storing and archiving documents, and it is necessary to pay attention to storage spaces when buying office furniture.

Partitions are divided into two groups of single-glazed and double-glazed partitions, which are considered to equip the space depending on the type and need of space.
However, office supplies include a wide range of products: desktop set including adhesive pad, pen holder, staple, and computer accessories such as mouse pad, ergonomic requirements such as medical backrest, footrest, and writing pad; types of storage tools such as paper holders for typing, casket and other items such as trash cans, flower pot and stand, key storage boxes, and seemingly small and insignificant items that should not be neglected when completing decorations and office furniture.
In short, before buying and choosing office furniture, we must first pay attention to the nature of the company’s activity, certainly the office decoration of a startup company with a dynamic, young and interactive atmosphere in the field of information technology is different from a company with a long history of business. After deciding on the nature of the decoration, it is time to choose the style. You can choose one of the following styles according to the nature of the work: Cubic decoration with separate rooms and partitions such as traditional offices, open halls decoration and workstations such as editorial offices, today’s activity-oriented and interactive decorations that are a combination of traditional and outdoor decorations. Finally, it is time to choose and buy office furniture.

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Office Furniture