Today, office furniture industry, in addition to executive desks, focuses on designing managerial and administrative desks as well. Moreover, with the widespread use of open spaces, designing partitions and workstation desks are also of particular importance.

Jalice design unit is divided into two parts; namely product design department based in the research unit and layout design unit located in the sales unit. The product design unit viewpoint is to design some kind of products that can be used in new spaces. This unit to meet these needs has designed workstation desks with a capacity of 3 to 4 person, which in addition to occupy less space, increase the work efficiency. These products are designed in a way that to be up-to-date in terms of both the operator and the technologies used in them, so that the operator can easily use equipment such as laptop, mobile and so on in a regular space and have maximum efficiency for the operator.

One of the honors of Jalice company is that by looking at the modern design of European countries and utilizing the latest technologies in the world, it has been able to design and produce more diverse and complex products and has always been a pioneer in this field. After designing, the product is analyzed and comes to its own structure, and then by analyzing the price and its appropriate hardware, the new product reaches the production stage.

The layout design unit, which is located in the sales unit, with regards to the structure of the place that needs to be equipped, offers the appropriate layout and product to the customer.