Jalice, in manufacturing the products, uses modern technology, high quality raw materials, accessories, fittings and wood industry machinery such as DSL made by prominent European companies.

Every year, Jalice company sends out a group to participate in the international machinery exhibitions in order to update its knowledge and technologies, and by doing some research about new technologies, fittings and raw materials, it tries somehow to provide them in the country. One of the strengths of Jalice is that after importing many of these technologies into the country, it simulates them with domestic technology in order to update and use them at no cost. The technology and machinery used in Jalice have allowed the company a more diverse design and high volume production. This characteristic has made it possible for Jalice company to equip buildings above 8 floors with furniture and partitions in 9 to 11 working days. Furthermore, in big projects and tenders the possibility of high-volume customization and projects that has chiefly purchased Jalice products, the low-volume customization is possible.